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Summer Products You Must Have

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Summer is here and I am so excited! The sun shining, the light breeze against your skin. So when it comes to Summer skin care you want the very best for your body. I’ve got some of my favorite Summertime products that will brighten your day.

Visor Skincare

I love the water so no matter if it’s the beach or the pool or even the lake, as long as I’m by the water my heart is happy. So being in the sun all day I need a good sunscreen to keep my skin safe and protected from the UVB rays. That is where Visor Skincare comes into play. This sunscreen has no smell and no sticky feeling of leftover goo. It goes on smoothly and is safe for all skin types. With no alcohol added I don’t have to worry about it being harsh on my skin. So I can enjoy the sun and water all day without worry of my skin being burned. The protection puts my mind at ease so I can spend the day enjoying my surroundings and not having to wonder if I’m going to be a lobster at the end of the day.